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Carl Stone - Nak Won on iTunes

Created by cmiles on 12/30/2006.

I was on iTunes last week and was delighted to find Nak Won by Carl Stone - one of my favorite musicians/composers!

If you have not heard any of Carl Stone's work check out his website, which features a number of free (and very worthwhile) downloads. If intrigued and curious - iTunes has Mom's (great album and perhaps an easier introduction to Stone's work than Nak Won) and CDeMusic has several CDs (including Nak Won if you are not an iTunes fan).

I started listening to Carl Stone in 2003 while taking an electroacoustic music class at the University of Arizona with Kip Haaheim. It was a fantastic course, the highlight for me was spending my 2nd semester of the class working with Cycling 74's max/msp (available for Mac OS X AND Windows XP, the Windows XP version might be a surprise if - like me - you have been away from it for years - this may not be good for my budget) [see pd as an alternative/another starting point]. The work I did in max/msp is among the best, most joyful and vivid memories I have of my graduate work.

Happy Listening! CM

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