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My Friend Chris Hunnicutt

Created by cmiles on 2/3/2007.

My friend Chris H. died this week ice climbing in Provo Canyon - he was always a great friend and I will miss him. All my memories of Chris were great and I thought I would share a few of our last trip together - and a picture from a few years ago.

Chris was in Tucson and we decided to descend Seven Cataracts from Windy Point and then to hike out to Prison Camp. As always Chris was excited to get out and have a new adventure, we left my car at Prison Camp and Susan gave us a ride up to Windy Point. We geared up and headed down to the North Fin and then into the canyon, talking the whole way - it was fun to see Chris and I was happy that he was doing so well since his move to Salt Lake. The canyon was a little bit wet, but the sun was out and it was a great day. I remember us laughing and being amazed at the green wet walls and slippery shallow pool under the second bolted rap, I remember Chris traversing around the lower pool (after a incredibly slippery rap) and talking himself into jumping into it (after several false starts!) to retrieve one of our hiking poles (and swimming like mad with a look of horror on his face to get out of the cold water). We hiked fast once we got to the bottom of the canyon and I remember how sore my legs were the next day from keeping up with Chris on the uphill to the Prison camp parking lot from the dam...

I will miss Chris - Best wishes to his Family and Friends, Charles Miles

2003 July Summit of Humphrey's Peak
Summit of Humphrey's Peak. Charles Miles. 7/2/2003.

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