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September 2013 Notes

Created by cmiles on 9/30/2013.

It has been quite a while since I had a month where I didn't pick up a book, this month I read Cabinet Magazine, UltraRunning Magazine and various articles on the web, but no 'books'... It has also been a number of months since I obsessed over a programming project...

Named Pipe WCF C# Intra Application Communication Example - I wanted to connect two C# WPF applications running on the same desktop, it didn't take too long to arrive at WCF - but with almost no WCF experience I would have used up quite a bit of time working out the details without finding this simple/working/straight to the point example! (I needed Callbacks also, but had no problem finding information on those in WCF.). Rating: 4 of 5

tapiriik - 'Keeps your fitness in sync' is their tagline - this service supports syncing fitness/activity/workout information from/to Strava, Garmin Connect, Runkeeper,, endomondo and DropBox! What a joy to be able to take my data wherever I want without a big time/effort penalty - sure, their are interesting services that are not supported (Training Peaks and MovesCount for example) and the sync isn't perfect - but what a service! Rating: 4 of 5

SportTracks - After playing with a number of sites that track runs/rides/workouts I revisited the Windows desktop application SportTracks and was surprised at just how good it is. The UI is slightly quirky (imho) but, even without much time investigating the plugins, it already had details and interactions that I have not found in any of the web apps - add to that the ability to sync to/from and this seems like a winner. Rating: 4 of 5

The Fight: Nickademus Hollon’s Tor des Géants Report - a great report from the youngest finisher of the Barkley Marathons (his classic race report) on the 330km Tor des Géants - fascinating to contemplate... Rating: 4 of 5.

Last Life in the Universe (2003) - This film is amazing - the plot struck a great balance of forward motion and mystery, the surreal elements blend in perfectly and it seems like every scene had effortlessly executed interesting visuals. In a way I am not actually sure what the movie was about - love, loneliness, death - but certainly one of the best films I have seen in awhile! Rating: 5 of 5

Splendor in the Grass (1961) - Well... I usually steer away pre-1970 movies and I can't say that I loved this - but will say that it was strangely fascinating, it made me feel sad/nostalgic at the end and I don't think that I will soon forget this exchange: "I'm like you, Bud. I don't think much about happiness either." - "Well, what's the point? You gotta take what comes.". Rating: 3 of 5

Distant (2002) - Did not get it - at all - some beautiful locations but... Rating: 2 of 5

Point Blank (2010) - Action and not the worst I have seen by far, but nothing stood out for me. Rating: 2 of 5

The Secret in Their Eyes (2009) - Accidentally watched this for a 2nd time - this is a good twisted crime story with a bit of love thrown in. Rating: 3 of 5


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