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Desert Magazine

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Desert Magazine started with a test run in 1936 by Randall Henderson and J. Wilson McKenney  and - under a number of different owners - managed to stay in print until 1985.

In 1985 I suppose that I could have named the US states in the desert southwest and correctly identified them on the map (perhaps the capitals also), but I had no real idea/image/conception of the desert (it would be over a decade before I would first see Tucson). Tucson is now my home and I love the desert - so it was a real treat to find the amazing Desert Magazine Archives!

The archives makes it easy to access issues all the way back to the beginning of the magazine - while I have not looked inside every issue here are some of my favorite details so far:

Articles on mining, treasure hunting, parks, peaks, camping, Native American culture, pictures, poetry, history and more are all found in the magazine. While there are certainly many articles that don't interest me - and only a little coverage of some of the things that do - this is an interesting view into the history of the southwest.

Rating: 4 of 5 First Read Date: June 2013

Desert Magazine


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