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July 2013 Notes

Created by cmiles on 7/31/2013.

James Turrell on Charlie Rose - Roden Crater - I remember Charlie Rose very fondly from decades gone by - it was, as I remember it now anyway, his show that introduced me to David Foster Wallace (1997 I believe) (for which I am forever indebted) - but rarely see the show now... In a rare day of daytime TV watching I came across his interview with James Turrell and was fascinated by his Roden Crater project - I certainly really didn't get a feel for the impact of the project from the interview and reading/pictures online, but I think it would be fascinating to visit... Rating: 4 of 5

Mesquite Magic - from the rather fabulous site the Desert Mountaineer - there is a variety of content here but what I love is the (at least to me) rather obscure destinations - beautiful to think about being out there on those obscure desert peaks. Rating: 4 of 5

Travel Etiquette : Thailand - I would guess that I scan, on average, 40-50 blog posts each workday looking for interesting information, after years of doing this I don't hesitate to skip quickly over posts that are less interesting - this post definitely caught my eye. (Certainly see Street Etiquette if you like the style) Rating: 4 of 5

Wallander (UK TV series) - Series 1-3 - These are beautiful and terrible and have a mood to them that is undeniable. While the other characters seem barely sketched out (too bad I think) we get a bleak, detailed, almost brutal view into the character of Wallander - well worth watching. Rating: 4 of 5

Wire in the Blood - Lewis and Wallander are certainly favorites and that makes it tempting/interesting to try other UK detective/police/crime shows - watched several first and second series episodes, not bad but not my favorite. Rating: 3 of 5

Riding the Wind - July 15 - 21 - If you click this link you first see a wall of text filled with names and references that you might not know know - don't worry, scroll to the bottom... Rating: 4 of 5

Zips: fashion before function? - This post is fairly simple but hits on something that seems to come up again and again for me both in outdoor gear and software - "Do designers actually use their products in the real world?" - while great results can come from people who don't actually use the products they are designing some of the products I respect most are a result of actually users being in charge of the design. Rating: 4 of 5

Lemmon Rocks Lookout Trail - I just found the Tucson Hikes - My Hikes in and about Tucson blog this month and it is always great to find good and local-to-me hiking blogs!!! The Lemmon Rocks Lookout Trail is a great example of a typical post - short write-up, pictures and a nice Google Earth overview. Rating: 4 of 5

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