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Bicycle Dreams

Created by cmiles on 9/30/2011. Updated by Wordpresss Import on 4/18/2022.

Bicycle Dreams by director Stephen Auerbach covers the 2005 Race Across America. After reading Hell on Two Wheels I could not turn down the chance to watch footage from RAAM! There are some great moments in this film - short snippets of riders answering questions from their bike, shots of the American landscape, interesting information from the crews and various painful shots of sleep deprived riders suffering. But, for me, the film lacked any compelling narrative, the music was heavy handed and some on the interviews were unnecessary. This is a must-watch if you are fascinated by RAAM - but if you want a first glimpse into RAAM reading Hell on Two Wheels is a better way to go.

Rating: 2 of 5 First Watch Date: July 2011


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