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Tango: Zero Hour, Ástor Piazzolla

Created by cmiles on 10/10/2011. Updated by Wordpresss Import on 4/18/2022.

The first time I heard Ástor Piazzolla's music was on Five Tango Sensations - an album of Piazzolla's compositions from the Kronos Quartet with Piazzolla playing bandoneón. Five Tango Sensations was an impressive introduction to Piazzolla's music and I have no idea why it took more than a decade to find Tango: Zero Hour - my loss! Tango: Zero hour is a suberb collection of compositions by Piazzola. The performing quintet (which includes Piazzolla) is amazing and the music is incredible expressive. If you have never heard Piazzolla's music this is a great place to start!

Rating 5 of 5 First Listen Date: late 2009

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