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Another blog - Readernaut, goodreads... preserving and sharing...

Created by cmiles on 6/24/2011. Updated by Wordpresss Import on 4/18/2022.

I love to read and discovering Readernaut courtesy of several friends was a joy - the process of adding books to my account reminded me of books that I had not thought about in years - and keeping ratings and comments (and seeing that information from friends) has been quite beautiful. But this weekend Readernaut starting showing me errors when I tried to add a book - fearing the worst (since Readernaut updates have seemed sparse/slow to me) I started looking at alternate services such as goodreads. But playing with these services, pondering my experiences with Readernaut and thinking about how much fun the data about my reading has been - and how much fun it is to share - I started to have the feeling that these sites/services were not the right solution for me. I don't really care about most of the features they offer - I care about having my data in an easy to access, easy to share form for the next ?? years... And while I appreciate the focus on books that these services offer I think it might be interesting to track my consumption of a broader set of media - podcasts and music for example - in one place! Who knows if this idea will stay interesting for the next ?? years - but I am hoping/guessing that this blog will have a much better chance than anything I have previously tried...

My older blog will remain active (not too much activity lately but...) with posts about commuting, adventures, coding, life, etc... with posts about books, movies and any other media on this blog.

Enjoy! CM

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