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2022 November Fall Color in Ash Creek 01
Notes from the end of 2022...
Tags: music,software,tv
2020 December Lines to the Past
Items from an IT cleanup.
Tags: delphi,phone,software
2022 June Sun behind the Tucson Mountains
A list of programming tools that I use - and some that I wish I used...
Tags: programming,software,tools
2023 January Saguaros and Cloud Break Light
A bit of history and some information on splitting worksheets via OpenXML.
Tags: csharp,excel,software,visual studio,xml
2023 February - Kagi Search
A 2022/23 slice of life - my personal browsing stack...
Tags: browser,internet,password,search engine,software
Tags: internet,software,technology
Pointless Waymarks GeoTools - Feature Intersect Tags
A screenshot of the Pointless Waymarks GeoTools showing new tags generated from Feature Intersect Tagging.
Tags: photography,pointless waymarks,screenshot,software,tag
Pointless Waymarks GeoTools - Connect GeoTagging Preview
Pointless Waymarks GeoTools - Garmin Connect GeoTagging Preview Screen.
Tags: garmin connect,geotagging,photography,pointless waymarks,software
Pointless Waymarks CMS - Main Interface - 12/25/2022
The Main GUI Interface for the Pointless Waymarks CMS.
Tags: screen shot,software
Pointless Waymarks GeoTools - Feature Intersect GeoJson File Setup
A screenshot from the Pointless Waymarks GeoTools showing the setup screen for GeoJson files that will be used as a reference in Feature Intersect Tagging.
Tags: geojson,pointless waymarks,screenshot,software