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May 2014 Notes

Created by cmiles on 6/1/2014.

Sidetracked - Personally I see very little on the web that really really blows me away - don't get me wrong I often see interesting design paired with content I don't really care about, photography that is amazing presented on a site that is fine but not exceptional or bursts of brilliance surrounded by content that is more of a shrug. Sidetracked on the other hand - wow, for me - personally - this is really it - I am impressed, jealous, amazed and inspired!!!!!! Rating: 5 of 5

Matthieu Gafsou - There is an astounding amount of imagery on the web - but finding great images that I connect with is tough. I was amazed by these photos - and then continued to be amazed at the number of work/assignments that I connected with. Rating: 5 of 5

The Selfish Giant (2013) - Not fast or uplifting film - set in Northern England this story follows two teenage friends who get into scrapping - beautiful bleak scenery, complicated real characters and plot details are well worth watching. Rating: 4 of 5

True Romance (1993) - I don't think I ever saw this in the 90s, although certainly possible that I just don't remember... There are interesting details here - the unexpected craziness of Christian Slater's as he talks to an imaginary Elvis in the bathroom, the one scene appearances of a number of characters, the strange interaction between Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken. Overall it just didn't add up to more than the whole - a few interesting scenes and stacked with notable actors but... Rating: 2 of 5

Godzilla (2014) (in 3D!) - about what you would expect - a little longer maybe and thankfully lacking the classic comedic sidekick character. Rating: 2 of 5

nikki nack [Explicit] - Tune-Yards - The album W H O K I L L is a current massive favorite of mine and I occasionally play Bird-Brains. This album doesn't live up to W H O K I L L for me - still an interesting listen no doubt, but not as interesting and exploratory. Rating: 3 of 5

Awake - Tycho - Reasonably often I find myself listening to certain instrumental Album Leaf tracks and this seemed interesting, I can see putting it on occasionally, but didn't seem to have any stand out track that I craved more of. Rating: 3 of 5

Jerry Kobalenko, Eric Larsen, Fjellpulken, Acapulka - I don't know why I came across these sites this month - I certainly have no Polar expedition ambitions, but I enjoyed photos and maybe even more the gear, certainly would not have know before this where to go for an expedition worthy pulk... Rating: 3 of 5

Nonhuman Rights Project - "The Nonhuman Rights Project is the only organization working toward actual LEGAL rights for members of species other than our own. Our mission is to change the common law status of at least some nonhuman animals from mere “things,” which lack the capacity to possess any legal right, to “persons,” who possess such fundamental rights as bodily integrity and bodily liberty, and those other legal rights to which evolving standards of morality, scientific discovery, and human experience entitle them." I don't feel like I have the legal knowledge/perspective to comment directly on this directly - but shouldn't we seek to elevate the treatment of all living beings? Rating: 5 of 5

Hayduke Trail Hiking Resources Bundle – Download - Andrew Skurka - good to keep dreaming! Rating: 4 of 5

Leor Pantilat's Adventures - I have had this blog in my reader for some time - but it wasn't until I listened to an interview with Leor Pantilat on UltraRunnerPodcast that I looked back over the posts and information on this blog and thought about how often he is getting out for great adventures, not giant expeditions or famous repeats - but a more human scale exploration of the wilderness. Rating: 3 of 5 (Inspirational!)

An Idiot Abroad Seasons 1 and 2: A strange 'reality-show' comedy - in season 1 Karl travels to the 7 Wonders of the World, disliking most everything and often only participating in anything local when forced to by circumstance or the shows creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The thing is I don't quite know why it's so funny - is it inappropriate, stupid, honest, guilty pleasure... some strange mix? But it works. Season 2 is more of the same - still funny but not as good since, in a general sense, you know what will happen. Rating: 4 of 5 (For season one/the idea)

Carnivàle - After watching the 2 seasons that were made of this I was surprised that more did not get made - not perfect, but an interesting overall story line with many of the stories told without over-explaining what is happening (a few with more time than I think they needed) and a visual look that is still fresh today. Well worth watching even if the story arc stops a little short. Rating: 3 of 5

Dark Needles Loop - A great trip - "3 1/2 day, 110 mile backpacking route starting from the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park, thru the very remote country of Beef Basin and Fable Valley, and down into the bottom of Dark Canyon. Then back again (can’t forget that part)." Part of my fascination with this is that there are surprisingly few outdoor companies talking about great trips like this that their staff/management is doing - quite a renaissance for Ultimate Directions after a number of lackluster (imho) years to emerge to emerge as perhaps the most authentic mainstream outdoor company of the year! Rating: 5 of 5

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