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The End of 2011 - Notes

Created by cmiles on 1/8/2012.

Happy New Year! I thought it might be fun to write a few notes about 2011...

New Blog - consuming - I have been using this blog to post and record info about media that I have been watching/reading/listening to (and I like it!).

New Blogging - In the second half of 2011 I started contributing to Trail Talk - the Summit Hut blog, writing posts on both hikes (Airmen Peak, Rosewood Point and North Rosewood Point, Palisade Trailhead to the Sabino Canyon Tram and Buster Mountain, Buster Spring, Montrose Canyon) and about gear (Review: F-Lite 195 & F-Lite 230, First Impressions - Inov-8 Men's Evoskin™ and Fall 2011 - Jackets with Synthetic Insulation!). Writing these posts has been a fun way to share some of the hikes, destinations and gear that I love.

Hiking/Outdoors - While my Flickr pictures are about any number of things I have more pictures of hikes/outdoor adventures than anything else - and my 2011 Collection has 30 sets of pictures - more than any other year I have on Flickr! I made more time for hiking than any previous year and am excited about getting outside in 2012!

School - I have been taking a variety of classes at Pima Community College for years as a way to keep learning new skills. But this Fall, with the combination of subject matter (diagrams, system planning, ...), being busy at work and wanting to get outside I failed to finish my class for the first time in years... I am going to take a (brief?) break from classes at this point and focus on some programming projects at work that I am excited about as a way to keep learning, but classes are such a great way to learn/expand that I am sure I will be back for more at some point...

Rides/Runs - In the past I never felt all that excited about organized races - but I got the bug in 2011 (likely from ADT!) and did The Tour of the Tucson Mountains, El Tour de Tucson (60 miles), Catalina State Park Trail Run (5.1), Urban Assualt Ride and Arizona Distance Classic (1/4). I did not have specific goals (other than finish) for any of these events - and I like it that way - but the experience of seeing and being with so many other cyclists and runners is really inspiring!


In the first part of 2012, if I can stay healthy, I plan on doing Fleet Feet Arizona Trail Race, Mesquite Canyon (1/2 Marathon), Tour of the Tucson Mountains and the Catalina State Park Trail Run (10.2).

These events are a fun way to get outside - and I think my only goal in 2012 is to get outside more!

Hope everyone has a great year! CM

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