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Happy New Year! End of 2011 Notes...

Created by cmiles on 1/1/2012. Updated by Wordpresss Import on 4/18/2022.

This blog made it thru 2011! A few notes about my media/reading that I thought might be fun if this blogs lasts a few years...

-Reading: I am mostly reading on my Sprint Evo 4G Android Phone via the Kindle app. While the reading experience on such a small screen is unexciting the compelling feature is that it is always around and ready to use - beating out my (actual) Kindle, laptop and older windows convertible tablet. Almost all of the books I have been reading are 'eBooks' - mostly Kindle format. I still have a few paper books around - mostly hiking guides and reference/text books - but have no desire to acquire any more.

-Listening: Most listening is done on my laptop and headphones via iTunes - almost all of the music I have added lately has been from Amazon. I listen some to music via my Sprint Evo 4G Android Phone via Google Music and mSpot (streaming my own library - I don't have any desire to deal with 'local' music on my phone).

-Watching: Watching is done via a Playstation 3 and a large flatscreen TV (no fancy stereo) - most movies are rented at Casa Video (dropped Netflix earlier in the year).

So far this blog has been a fun way to track, recall and share my media consumption - just what I wanted when I started it - and I am glad I went with so that the time I have to spend on this project is used mostly for writing (rather than tinkering with platform, versions...). Will it work out long term? I know enough to admit I have no idea, but I do already have some posts scheduled for 2012 so maybe it will...

Have a great 2012!! CM

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