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2022 December Sunset and Moon
Sunset and Moon.
Tags: clouds,gila monster house,gila monster way,moon,rincon mountains,rincon peak,sunset
2022 April Dusty Sunset
Dusty Sunset.
Tags: bren mountain,cat mountain,golden gate mountain,little cat mountain,loma alta,pescadero mountain,sunset,tucson mountains
2022 June Cloudy Sunset
Cloudy Sunset.
Tags: clouds,f150,gila monster house,mini truck,parking area,rincon mountains,sunset,tucson mountains
2019 May Sunset over Green Mountain from Guthrie Mountain
Sunset over Green Mountain from Guthrie Mountain.
Tags: coronado national forest,green mountain,guthrie mountain,guthrie mountain trail,leopold point,marble peak,mount bigelow,santa catalina mountains,sunset
2022 April Sun over Cat Mountain
Sun over Cat Mountain.
Tags: cat mountain,gila monster house,golden gate mountain,sunset,tucson mountains
2022 April Dusty Sunset
Varana project for Pinvoke in C#, combining 137 projects into a single solution, front packs and a sunset!
Tags: development,dotnet,git,pack,pinvoke,scm,sunset