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Anathema Rhodes: Dreams, Iimani David

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Well I suppose that the author's site has a better summary than I could ever hope to offer:

"After a lifetime of self-medicating fails and life finally begins its tilt toward self-destruction, Jodi - a 25-year-old writer nursing the psychological lacerations of being a "rape-child" - meets, through dreams, a special five-year-old boy who shows him how the pair may move across parallel universes to fulfill their universal purpose. As they travel, they encounter creatures on different planes of consciousness that are responsible for specific social and moral ailments impacting and pressing mankind's evolution to ill-fated ends. In short time the boy makes an astounding revelation: that there exists, on separate universal planes, two omnipotent and infinite Gods - one created by the sheer force of mankind's collective beliefs; the other, the Source of all things. The man-made anomaly, the child asserts, must be destroyed. But, who or what is the child?

Anathema Rhodes: Dreams chronicles three days in the life of Jodi Rhodes, and the final days of humanity - as we know it."

Wow. I have no doubt that some of this book went over my head, I am not sure exactly who I know I would recommend this to and I don't know if the big ideas "two omnipotent and infinite Gods" (which reminds me a bit of Dan Simmon's Hyperion series) totally thrilled me... But I certainly did enjoy the mystery/strangeness/discovery, the stunning visual imagery and the strange journey of the characters - certainly an interesting book!

Rating: 3 of 5 First Read Date: November 2012

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