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Tread Lightly, Bill Katovsky and Peter Larson

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My work at the Summit Hut includes selecting and purchasing footwear for the store, so it has been tremendously interesting to follow,experience and experiment with the riotous outburst of minimal footwear that has become popular over the past few years. While the increased interest in barefoot running has generated quite a bit of discussion about running form and footwear it has been hard to find well balanced viewpoints and information amid the hype - Tread Lightly, by Bill Katovsky and Peter Larson, is the first post-barefoot-minimal-hype-explosion book I have found that takes a convincingly deliberate, balanced, informative, careful, well reasoned and scientifically informed look at running form and running footwear. I would say this book is more about thinking than about right and wrong - you won't find a bullet point list that defines perfect running form or the best footwear - but, at least for me, you will find quite a bit of well researched information that might challenge some of your assumptions. Do you think that the gait/pronation analysis done in many running stores can be directly linked to reduced injuries? You should read this book. Is it clear that heavier runners should get more cushioned shoes? Maybe read the book... Curious about the history of the modern running shoe? Read the book - it might not be exactly what you expect... Never had any problems with your feet or shoes, not a runner and not interested in footwear - well the good news is that the authors are clear that if have found something that works you should probably stick with it, no need to read the book!

Rating: 5 of 5 (but only for runners, thinkers and the footwear curious) First Read Date: June 2012

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