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Complete Atopia Chronicles, Matthew Mather

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When I was younger I wondered if I would live to see the day when we lived 'in space' or on another planet. I thought it would be awesome/cool/fun and with all that space we just wouldn't have some of Earth's problems - it would be better. Sure, naive in an infinite number of ways - but what really took the joy out of that dream was that I started to believe that we will take our problems with us where ever we go...

Matthew Mather's Complete Atopia Chronicles tells the tale of a future where new technology is on the verge of changing the world. Most of the books tell different facets of the same story - slowly revealing more and more about the story/world - and giving a more and more complete idea of just what human problems we might take into the glorious techno-future. A great read and worth noting that  Hugh Howey wrote "So great that I wish I'd come with it myself"! (Although I do wish someone had warned me that the ending is the sort of ending that is really begging for a sequel...)

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Rating: 4 of 5 First Read Date: October 2012


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