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Created by cmiles on 6/26/2011.

[Update 4/20/2022 - For several years I published content on - that content has now been folded back into this site and that site is no longer...]

I recently decided to create another blog (via of course!) - cmiles-consuming. The new blog is place for me to record and share the media that I am consuming and info/notes/records/comments about it - the first post explains the idea...

I having not been posting very often to this blog - and while I have an idea or two - I don't expect that to change - but I love having this blog and it is not going away! If you have only seen posts via RSS over the past few years you might enjoy stopping by the site - the widgets on the side nicely aggregate my links, pictures, hikes/rides/runs, media, twitter, facebook, etc...

Enjoy! CM

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