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Created by cmiles on 12/25/2008.

My blog has been silent during almost all of 2008 and I thought it was time for an update!

Hikes/Outdoor adventures: In 2007 I put a number of my outdoor activities on this blog – it was fun, but I found over time that flickr sets were perfect for what I wanted to do: pictures with tags + a short description. 2008 Sets:

San Pedro, Thumb Canyon, Molino Area, Box Camp, Box Camp, Seven Cataracts, Lower Highway Drainages, Zion, Ridgeline, Palisades, Milagrosa, Molino, Seattle, Romero Pools, Seven Cataracts

Reading: In addition to some technical books and some sci-fi (nothing astounding  this year in sci-fi books for me) the highlights were: Richard Powers Echo Maker, David Mitchell Cloud Atlas and Number 9 Dream, Haruki Murakami Kafka on the Shore. All of those were really good and I am astounded I found all of those in a single year (suggestions welcome!) – if I had to pick a favorite I think it would be Cloud Atlas, if you pick it up and find yourself slightly underwhelmed 1/3 of the way in KEEP READING, trust me…

Music: Steinbruchel (and spelling variation…) and Vampire Weekend were the finds for me this year – very different but both amazing.

Programming: In 2008 I worked in C# and VB.NET on Linq to Sql/SqlMetal, Sql Server/Express User Instances and WPF/Composite Application Guidance. I am certainly not an expert in any of these technologies - but have deployed working applications that are useful to their users and great motivation to keep learning! I also worked thru the first 10 Euler problems in F#.

Classes: I have been taking classes at Pima Community College to keep learning, this year I completed Introduction to VB.NET, Web Publishing and Programming & Problem Solving II.

Bike Commuting: Another year! I feel really lucky to live in a spot where I can commute to work, to school and to most of my errands by bike – it is really a great part of my day! Favorite items that go with me: X61 Tablet (in the no longer available hi-res screen), Cradlepoint PHS300+ Verizon UM150 for instant internet hotspot, Tom Bihn Smart Alec with Vertical Brain Cell and Vertical Freudian Slip.

Happy Holidays!


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