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Bike Commuting for Better Knowledge

Created by cmiles on 9/6/2006.

My bike is in the shop and I have been car pooling rather than bike commuting to work for the past couple of days. I have amazing company while commuting (Alison!), and it is a nice change - but I miss the time that commuting creates for listening.

If I did not commute I doubt I would find time to do as much listening as I currently do - and with all of my listening time I have learned that it is not music that is most satisfying on my commute, it is the educational/informative programs.

Commuting is good exercise, can be economically efficient and is good for the enviroment - but most importantly I think commuting is actually making me smarter! (Does the bike shop understand that they are holding up my education every day they keep my bike!?!) My current favorites include:

Berkeley Webcasts - This is incredible! So good you must click the link. Check out the courses that they record! This (almost) makes me wish my commute was longer. Can not say enough good things about this.

Security Now - I have learned new things about security, networking and the internet from this show.

FLOSS Weekly - TWiT has a number of interesting shows, this is my 2nd favorite (after Security Now).

Harvard Business Review - Not free - like the links above, but really enjoyable. Audible offers other publications as well - but for some reason this is the one that I keep coming back to as good listening material.

Commute More! CM

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